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Event poster
1.Atomic and Molecular Science
The Presenter Title No.
Cheng, Bing-Ming (鄭炳銘) BL:TLS 21A2, TLS 03A1 PI:Bing-Ming Cheng (鄭炳銘)
Formation and Dissociation of N3 in Icy N2 with Far-ultraviolet Light
Cheng, Po-Wen (鄭博文) BL:TLS 17C1 PI:Tsan-Yao Chen (陳燦耀)
The Effect of PVA Capped Au Cluster Decorated Au@Fe Nanocatalyst for the Performance of Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation
Chou, Sheng-Lung (周勝隆) BL:TLS 03A1, TLS 21A2 PI:Wu,Yu-Jong(吳宇中)
Formation and IR Spectrum of Monobridged Si2H4 Isolated in Solid Argon
Hsieh, Yu-Zi (謝羽姿) BL:TPS 09A1, TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1 PI:Hsu, I-Jui (許益瑞)
Ab Initio Structure Determination by Powder X-ray Diffraction on Fe(2NTP)2(NCS)2 Complex
Huang, Lu-Na (黃露娜) BL:TPS 09A1 PI:Chao-Hung Du (杜昭宏)
Physical Studies of Oxygen Deficiency Effects in Electronic Structures of Perovskite Materials YBaMn2O6-δ
Lai, Wei-Ren (賴韋荏) BL:TPS 09A1, TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1 PI:Hsu,I-Jui(許益瑞)
Structure Determinations by Powder X-ray Diffraction on 2,6-di(1H-tetrazol-5-yl)pyridine and its Related Complexes
Lin, Meng-Yeh (林孟曄) BL:TLS 03A1 PI:Yu-Jong Wu (吳宇中)
Far-ultraviolet Absorption and Photoluminescence of Monolayer Graphene and Its Implications for Extended Red Emission
Liu, Chieh (劉杰) BL:TLS 01C2, TLS 17A1, TLS 17C1 PI:I-Jui Hsu(許益瑞)
Structure and Luminescence Studies on 2-(2-(4-((5-(pyridin-2-yl)-1H-tetrazol-1-yl)methyl)benzyl)-2H-tetrazol-5-yl)pyridine and it’s Chelating FeII Metal Complex
Lo, Jen-Iu (羅仁佑) BL:TLS 21A2 PI:Bing-Ming Cheng (鄭炳銘)
Formation and Dissociation of N3 in Icy N2 with Far-ultraviolet Light
Shen, Tse-Fu (沈則甫) BL:TLS 05B1 PI:Chen-Lin Liu (劉振霖)
Near-Edge X-ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectra and Specific Dissociation of Gly-Phe and Phe-Gly
Tiong, Pei Wan (張培旺) BL:TLS 01B1, SP12U1 PI:Fu-Ming Wang (王復民)
Investigation and Characterization of In-Situ Polymer Brush SEI Core Shell Layer Effects on Si anode Material and Its Battery Performance
Xiao, Wan-Zhen (蕭椀禎) BL:TPS 09A1 PI:I-Jui Hsu (許益瑞)
High Resolution Powder X-ray Diffraction Studies on the Binding Affinity of Solvent Molecules in Co/Ni Metal Complexes
Yeh, Nan-Hung (葉南宏) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1, TLS 01C1 PI:Fu-Ming Wang (王復民)
Controlling Ni2+ from the Surface to the Bulk by a New Cathode Electrolyte Interphase Formation on Ni-rich Layered Cathode in High-Safe and High-Energy-Density Lithium-Ion Batteries

2. Surface; Interface and Thin Films
The Presenter Title No.
Anbalagan, Aswin kumar BL:TLS 13A1, TLS 17B1, TLS 05B2 PI:Chih-Hao Lee (李志浩)
Tuning the Phase Transition Temperature of FeRh Thin Films by Doping Copper Impurities
Chang, Lo Yueh (張羅嶽) BL:TLS 08B1 PI:Xuhui Sun (孫旭暉)
Investigation of Triboelectrification by in-situ X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Chao, Wei-Ju (趙偉如) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 01C1 PI:Pu-Wei Wu (吳樸偉)
Electroless Deposition of Na-Doped Iridium Oxide for the Bio-Electrode Application
Chen, Jhih-Wei (陳至瑋) BL:TLS 08A1, TLS 24A1 PI:Chia-Hao Chen (陳家浩)
Hydrogen Spillover and Storage on Graphene by Single-Site Ti Catalysts
Chen, Kevin (陳凱文) BL:TLS 09A1 PI:Chia-Hao Chen (陳家浩) / Yuan-Chieh Tseng (曾院介)
Investigation of Atomic-Layered Lateral-Heterosturcture by SPEM
Chen, Sheng Yuan (陳聖羱) BL:TLS 24A1 PI:Yaw-Wen Yang (楊耀文)
Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy Study of the Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2 on ZnO/Cu2O Nanoparticle Heterojunction
Chen, Shyh-Wei (陳仕偉) BL:TPS 09A1 PI:Chia-Hung Hsu (徐嘉鴻)
TPS 09A Temporally Coherent X-ray Diffraction Beamline
Chen, Yi-Che (陳易哲) BL:TLS 16A1, TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1 PI:Shih-Yun Chen (陳詩芸)
Study of Photocatalyst Performance of CeO2@TiO2 Nanocomposite
Chen, Yu-Xun (陳宥勳) BL:TLS 09A1, TLS 08A1, TLS 20A1 PI:Chia-Hao Chen (陳家浩)
Passivation of the Silicon (100) Surface by Hydrogen Termination: A Comparison of Surface Treatments
Cheng, Chia-Chieh (鄭佳杰) BL:TLS 17B1, TPS 09A1, TPS 25A1 PI:Yuan-Chieh Tseng (曾院介)
Investigation of the Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Phase Transformation with Field-assisted Thermal Treatment
Cheng, Jen-Chieh (鄭仁傑) BL:TLS 17B1, TLS 07A1, TPS 09A1 PI:Chih-Hao Lee (李志浩)
Limitation of Multiphases Study with Anomalous X-ray Diffraction Technique for Similar Lattice Spacings in TLS & TPS
Cheng, Kai-Wen (鄭凱文) BL:TLS 17B1 PI:Albert T. Wu (吳子嘉)
Effect of Interfacial on Bi2Te3 Thin-Film Thermoelecric Module
Chiang, Ping-Chih (蔣平志) BL:TLS 20A1, TLS 11A1 PI:Jiunn-Yuan Lin (林俊源)
An Emergent Quasi-2D Metallic State with Heavily Doped CuO2 Planes
Chiu, Chhun-Chien (邱濬謙) BL:TLS 13A1, TLS 17B1, TPS 45A1 PI:Jan-Chi Yang (楊展其)
Room-Temperature Ferroelectricity in Freestanding SrTiO3 Ultrathin Films
Chiu, Wei-Sheng (邱維晟) BL:TLS 05B2 PI:Der-Hsin Wei (魏德新)
Magnetic Properties of an Ultrathin Co Film Grown on a Single-Crystal-Like and Large-Area MoS2
Chou, Chieh (周結) BL:TLS 17C1 PI:Hao-Hsiung Lin (林浩雄)
Study on the Structural Property of Bi Films by EXAFS
Chung, Ching-Hsiu (鐘慶修) BL:TLS 20A1 PI:Wen-Yueh Yu (游文岳)
Effect of Calcination Temperature on Surface Properties of Cerium Oxide Nanorod Catalyst for Non-Reductive Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Dimethyl Carbonate
Gurylev, Vitaly (郭維力) BL:TLS 03A1 PI:Yu-Jong Wu (吳宇中)
ZnO Thin Film Fabricated by Atomic Layer Deposition: Interplay Between Piezorelectric Response and Film Properties
Hong, Jia-Wen (洪嘉彣) BL:TLS 23A1 PI:Ya-Sen Sun (孫亞賢)
Dispersity Effects on Phase Behavior and Structural Evolution in Ultrathin Films of a Deuterated Polystyrene-block-poly(methyl methacrylate) Diblock Copolymer
Hsiao, Chung-Hsuan (蕭崇軒) BL:TLS 05B2 PI:Bo-Yao Wang (王柏堯)
Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Induced by NiMn-Based Antiferromagnetic Films
Huang, Chen-Jui (黃貞睿) BL:TLS 01B1 PI:Bing Joe Hwang (黃炳照)
Unravelling the Effects of Additive on Li Growth Mechanism by In-Operando Transmission X-ray Microscopy
Junisu, Belda Amelia (蓓達) BL:TLS 23A1, TLS 24A1 PI:Ya-Sen Sun (孫亞賢)
Three-Dimensional Interconnected Network of Gold Nanostructures for Molecular Sensing via Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Spectroscopy
Ke, Wei-En (柯維恩) BL:TPS 45A1 PI:Ying-Hao Chu (朱英豪)
Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Flexible Barium Hexaferrite/muscovite Heterostructure
Kuo, Lai-Hsiang (郭來翔) BL:TLS 09A2 PI:Meng-Fan Luo (羅夢凡)
Methanol Decomposition Catalyze by Surface Defects on PdTe2
Lai, Yu-Ling (賴玉鈴) BL:TLS 09A2, TLS 09A1 PI:Yao-Jane Hsu (許瑤真)
Interface Studies of Single Layer Molubdenum Disulfide (MoS2) and Organic Semiconductor (Feq3 and F4-TCNQ)
Lee, Ling (李寧) BL:TLS 09A1, TPS 23A1 PI:Chueh, Yu-Lun (闕郁倫)
Electrical-Field Manipulated Reversible Switching between 1T and 2H Phase in Vertically Aligned MoSe2 via Ion Intercalation: A Synapse-Mimicking Memristor
Lee, Lu-Hsin (李律昕) BL:TLS 24A1 PI:Meng-Fan Luo (羅夢凡)
A Electronic and Structureal Study of Growth Iridium Oxide on Ir(100)
Li, Tzu-Hsin (李梓新) BL:TLS 05B2 PI:Bo-Yao Wang (王柏堯)
Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Induced by Composited Antiferromagnetic Films
Li, Yi-Lin (李易暽) BL:TLS 09A2 PI:Meng-Fan Luo (羅夢凡)
Growth and Electronic Properties of Rh and Au Nanoclusters Supported on Copper Oxides Grown on Cu(110)
Liao, Guan-Jr (廖冠智) BL:TLS 24A1 PI:Meng-Fan Luo (羅夢凡)
Decomposition of Methanol on Rhodium and Rhodium-Gold Alloy Nanoclusters Supported by Al2O3/NiAl(100)
Lin, Si-Wei (林思維) BL:TLS 17B1 PI:Albert T. Wu (吳子嘉)
Corrosion Behavior of Co-Based and Ni-Based Surface Finishes in Sulfur-Containing Gas
Liu, Guan-Chen (劉冠辰) BL:TLS 09A2 PI:Meng-Fan Luo (羅夢凡)
Decomposition of Water and Methanol on Metallic Nano-Clusters Supported on Copper Oxides
Liu, Yu-Chen (劉祐承) BL:TLS 13A1, TLS 17A1, TLS 17B1 PI:Jan-Chi Yang (楊展其)
Superdomain Structures in (101)-Oriented Pb(Zr0.2,Ti0.8)O3 Thin Films
Lo, Chang-An (駱昶安) BL:TPS 25A1 PI:Heng-Liang Wu (吳恆良)
Application of Mesoporous Silica Thin Film in Anode-Free Lithium Metal Batteries
Lu, Chun-I (呂俊毅) BL:TLS 09A1, TPS 23A1, TLS 05B2 PI:Yann-Wen Lan (藍彥文)
Observation of Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy in Co/MoS2 Heterojunction
Luo, Wei-Li (羅維禮) BL:TLS 13A1, TLS 20A1 PI:Chih-Hao Lee (李志浩)
Investigating the Diffusion Behavior of Boron in MgO/Co20Fe60B20 Magnetoresistance Structures with Ta and Zr Capping Layers
Olbasa, Bizualem Wakuma BL:TLS 01B1, TLS 24A1, TPS 09A1 PI:Bing-Jeo Hwang (黃炳照)
Concentrated Hybrid Aqueous Electrolyte for Stabilizing Zn Metal Anode by Salt-Anion Derived Passivation Layer Examined by In-Operando TXM and XRD
Tu, Fang-Yi (杜芳毅) BL:TLS 20A1, TLS 17C1 PI:Wen-Yueh Yu (游文岳)
Mechanochemically-Treated Ceria: Surface Characterizations and Catalytic Production of Dimethyl Carbonate
Xue, Jing-Wen (薛景文) BL:TLS 09A2 PI:Meng-Fan Luo (羅夢凡)
Surface Defects Engineering and Reactivity Towards Methanol Decomposition of Pristine and Defected PtTe2
Yang, Chueh-Cheng (楊爵丞) BL:TLS 24A1 PI:Chia-Gsin Wang (王嘉興)
Investigation of Redox Reaction of Platinum during Electrochemical Catalysis Reaction by Ambient Pressure XPS
Yang, Song (楊松) BL:TLS 17B1, TLS 13A1, TLS 09A1 PI:Chia-Hung Hsu (徐嘉鴻)
The Growth and Structural Characteristics of Orthorhombic-phase Dominating Epitaxial Strained Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 Ultra-thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Hsu, Chun-Yao (許峻耀) BL:TLS 05B2 PI:Bo-Yo Wang (王柏堯)
Effects of Interface Structure on Induced Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy in Heavy Metal/Ferromagnetic Layered Structures

3. Condensed Matter Physics
The Presenter Title No.
Chang, Aldrin (張亞竣) BL:TLS 05B2, TPS PI:Chien-Cheng Kuo (郭建成)
Charge Transfer Properties of Zigzag-Antiferromagnet Nickel Phosphorus Trisulfide
Chang, Wen-Hao (張文豪) BL:TLS 09A1 PI:Yann-Wen Lan (藍彥文)
Negative Differential Resistance in Desulfurization Induced Mixed 1T'/2H Phase MoS2 Field Effect Transistor
Chen, Chun-Ying (陳俊穎) BL:TLS 11A1, TPS 24A1, TLS 07A1 PI:Yi-Ying Chin (秦伊瑩)
Investigating Oxygen Reduction Reaction Activity of Carbon-Supported (Ni, Cu)@Pd-Pt via X-ray Spectroscopies
Chuang, Cheng-Hao (莊程豪) BL:TLS 20A1, TLS 16A1, TLS 17C1 PI:Cheng-Hao Chuang (莊程豪)
Operando X-ray Study of the Hybrid Co/Co(OH)2-Reduced Graphene Oxide Electrocatalyst for Alkaline Water Splitting
Chuang, Pei-Yu (莊霈于) BL:TLS 21B1 PI:Jung-Chun Andrew Huang (黃榮俊)
Wafer-Scale Highly Oriented Atomiclayer MoS2 by Ion Beam Sputter
Fu, Shih-Yu (傅世宇) BL:TPS 23A1 PI:Bi-Hsuan Lin (林碧軒)
Difference between X-ray and UV Excited Photoluminescence on Layered GaSe
Hsieh, Hui-Huang (謝輝煌) BL:TLS 17C1 PI:Hui-Huang Hsieh (謝輝煌)
The study of Copper Doped Zinc Oxide Quantum Dots Synthesized by Sol-Gel Method
Hu, Chih-Wei (胡芝瑋) BL:SP12U1 PI:Chih-Wei Hu (胡芝瑋)
In-Operando X-ray Raman Scattering Study on Electronic Structure Evolution of Charged/Discharged Graphite Anode for Lithium-Ion Battery
Huang, Chun-Hao (黃俊豪) BL:TLS 17A1, TLS 01C1 PI:Maw-Kuen Wu (吳茂昆)
The Distortion of MnSe6 Octahedron Enhances the Conductivity in Epitaxial MnSe Film
Huang, Sin-Yi (黃馨儀) BL:TLS 20A1, TLS 09A1, TLS 01C1 PI:Jau-Wern Chiou (邱昭文)
The Atomic and Electronic Structures of Fe-doped TbMnO3 Studied by X-ray Absorption and Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Huang, Wei-Tung (黃偉桐) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1 PI:Jiunn-Yuan Lin (林俊源)
Study of Spin Crossover of K[Fe(5Cl-thsa)2]·H2O
Lee, Kuan-Hsun (李冠勳) BL:TPS 21A1 PI:Ching-Shun Ku (古慶順)
Using Synchrotron-Based X-ray Nano Diffraction to Investigate the Phase Transition of High Entropy Alloy under High Pressure Condition
Liang, Yu-Hui (梁喻惠) BL:Neutron, TPS 41A1, TPS 09A1 PI:Chao-Hung Du (杜昭宏)
Investigating The Magnetic and Electronic Structure of Single Crystal YBaCuFeO5 by Neutron and X-ray Scattering
Lin, Bi-Hsuan (林碧軒) BL:TPS 23A1 PI:Bi-Hsuan Lin (林碧軒)
Capabilities of TR-XEOL of the Taiwan Photon Source 23A X-ray Nanoprobe Beamline
Lin, Wen-Xuan (林玟萱) BL:TLS 20A1, TLS 09A1, TLS 01C1 PI:Jau-Wern Chiou(邱昭文)
Study the Atomic and Electronic Structures of Zn-Doped YbMnO3 Powders by Using X-ray Absorption and Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Lin, Yan-Gu (林彥谷) BL:TLS 17B1, TLS 17C1, TLS 24A1 PI:Yan-Gu Lin (林彥谷)
Modelling Heterogeneous Interfaces for Overall Water Splitting
Liu, Cheng-En (劉丞恩) BL:TPS 45A1 PI:Chun-Fu Chang (張春富)
Preparation and Characterization of Stoichiometric FeTe Thin Films Grown on SrTiO3(001) by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Liu, Ro-Ya (劉若亞) BL:TLS 21B1 PI:Chia-Seng Chang (張嘉升)
Hourglass Fermions in the Non-Symmorphic Semimetal Nb3SiTe6
Lu, Sheng-Chia (呂晟嘉) BL:TLS 07A1 PI:Chao-Hung Du (杜昭宏)
Study of the Symmetry of Charge and Spin Modulations Using X-ray Scattering
Nguyen, Truc Ly (阮竹麗) BL:TLS 11A1 PI:Ashish Atma Chainani (查理)
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Studies of Ferrimagnetic Gd6(Mn1-xCox)23
Singh, Amol (辛艾蒙) BL:TPS 41A1 PI:Di-Jing Huang (黃迪靖)
Acoustic Plasmons and Conducting Carriers in Hole-Doped Cuprate Superconductors
Wang, Bing-Yi (汪秉毅) BL:TLS 11A1 PI:Chin,Yi-Ying(秦伊瑩)
Probing the Antiferromagnetic and the Structural Transitions of TbFe3(BO3)4 and GdFe3(BO3)4 by Soft X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Wang, Hsiao-Tsu (王孝祖) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1, TLS 09A1 PI:Way-Faung Pong (彭維鋒)
Enhancement of Photoelectrochemical Properties of BiVO4 Layer Coated ZnO Nanodendrite Core–Shell Nanocomposites: Electronic Mechanism from X–ray Spectro-Microscopic Studies
Xie, Jhen-Dong (謝振東) BL:TPS 41A1 PI:Di-Jing Huang (黃迪靖)
Charge Density Waves and Electron Phonon Coupling in (La1.6-xNd0.4)SrxCuO4 Studied by Using RIXS

4. Materials Chemistry
The Presenter Title No.
Abera Chala, Soressa BL:TLS 24A1 PI:Bing-Joe Hwang (黃炳照)
Hierarchical 3D Architectured Ag Nanowires Shelled with NiMn-Layered Double Hydroxide as an Efficient Bifunctional Oxygen Electrocatalyst
Bhalothia, Dinesh BL:TLS 01C1, TLS 01C2, TLS 24A1 PI:Tsan-Yao Chen (陳燦耀)
Semi Quantized Charge Enables High-Rate Oxygen Reduction Reaction Performance of NiOx-Monomers Anchored Co@Pd Nanoarchitecture
Chang, Chia-Yu (張家瑜) BL:TLS 01C1, TLS 17C1 PI:Bing-Joe Hwang (黃炳照)
Synchrotron Based of Copper Atomically Dispersed on ZIF-8 Structure for High Ethanol Selectivity in CO2 Reduction Reaction
Chang, Han-Wei (張漢威) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1, TPS 23A1 PI:Han-Wei Chang (張漢威)
Synchrotron X-ray Spectroscopic Techniques of Ni-Co Based Materials for Electrochemical Applications
Chang, Hong-Wei (張弘偉) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 01A1, TLS 01C2 PI:Tsan-Tao Chen (陳燦耀)
Atomic Scale Co-Clusters Decoration Enables High-Rate ORR Performance of Co-Oxide Supported Pd Nano-islands
Chang, Yung-Jen (張詠荏) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1, TLS 01C2 PI:Fu-Ming Wang (王復民)
High Safety Self-Catalyzed Electrode Additive for Lithium-Ion Battery
Chen, Chih-Hsiang (陳志翔) BL:TLS 01C2 PI:Bing-Joe Hwang (黃炳照)
Selection of Solvents for Solution Processing and Compatibility with Sulfide Solid Electrolytes
Chen, Ching-Feng (陳敬豐) BL:TPS 44A1, TLS 01C2, TLS 17C1 PI:Chun-Hong Kuo (郭俊宏)
Ni-Core Complexes for Stable Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Chen, Guan-Ruei (陳冠睿) BL:TPS 09A1, TLS 16A1, TPS 44A1 PI:Chi-Shen Lee (李積琛)
Relative Oxidation States of Antimony on Ternary Chalcogenides Gen-2Sb4Sen+2 (n = 4, 5)
Chen, Pei-You (陳昢宥) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 24A1 PI:Chen-Po Chun (陳柏均)
Temperature Controlled Atomic Ir-Cluster Decorated NiCore@PdShell Nanocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction in Alkaline Electrolyte
Chen, Shi-Wei (陳世偉) BL:TLS 01C1, TLS 20A1 PI:Shi-Wei Chen (陳世偉)
Sintering Parameters of Graphite Bulk Investigated by Synchrotron X-ray Techniques
Cheng, Chiao-Mi (鄭巧彌) BL:TLS 01C1, TLS 17C1, TPS 44A1 PI:Chia-Min Yang (楊家銘)
Catalytic Study of CxHy Species Modified Nanosized Copper Catalysts in Selective Propylene Oxidation by Dioxygen
Cheng, Chih-Chieh (鄭至捷) BL:TPS 44A1 PI:Shih-Yuan Lu (呂世源)
In–situ X–ray Absorption Spectroscopy Investigation on Au Nanoparticle Decorated Trimetallic Metal–Organic Frameworks as High Efficient Oxygen Evolution Reaction Electrocatalysts
Cheng, Ching-lung (鄭景隆) BL:TLS 01A1, TLS 14A1 PI:Yuh-Jing Chiou (邱郁菁)
Synthesis and Characterization of Ni Modified Pd Based Electrocatalysts
Chiang, Chao-Lung (江昭龍) BL:TPS 44A1 PI:Yan-Gu Lin (林彥谷)
A Novel Two-Dimensional Cobalt Phosphate Electrocatalysts with Intrinsic CoO6 Lattice Distortion for High-Performance Water Oxidation
Chih, Hsin-Yun (池忻芸) BL:TLS 17A1 PI:Chung K. Lai (賴重光)
Fluorescent Mesogenic Tris(borondifluoride) Complexes Derived from Hexaketonates
Chu, Kuan-Lin (朱冠霖) BL:TPS 41A1 PI:Bing Joe Hwang (黃炳照)
Studying Metal Rich Oxygen Anion Redox Reaction by High Resolution Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering
Chuang, Kai-Chun (莊凱鈞) BL:TLS 01C1, TLS 01C2, TLS 23A1 PI:Yi-Hsin Liu (劉沂欣)
Structural Investigation of Quantum-Confined Semiconductors with Spintronic Properties
Fang, Mu-Huai (方牧懷) BL:TLS 01C2, TLS 17C1 PI:Ru-Shi Liu (劉如熹)
Broadband NaK2Li[Li3SiO4]4:Ce Alkali-Lithosilicate Blue Phosphors and the Dissect of the Charge Compensation Process
Fenta, Fekadu Wubatu BL:TLS 20A1, TLS 24A1 PI:Bing-Joe Hwang (黃炳照)
Modification of A-MnO2 Cathode by Ag+ Incorporation for Aqueous Zinc-Ion Batteries
Gandhi, Ashish BL:TLS 01C2 PI:Sheng Yun Wu (吳勝允)
Structural Evolution and Room Temperature Stabilization of Bi2O3 Polymorphs
Hong, Shao-Huan (洪紹桓) BL:TLS 17A1, TLS 13A1, TLS 23A1 PI:Cheng-Liang Liu (劉振良)
Phototransistors Based on CsPbBr3 Perovskite Quantum Dots and Small Molecules Blending Semiconductors through Solution-Shearing under Ambient Air
Hsu, Su-Yang (許仕揚) BL:TPS 44A1, TLS 01C2, TLS 17C1 PI:Kueih-Tzu Lu (盧桂子)
In-Situ Quick Scanning X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Studies of Binary Transition Metal Sulfide MnCo2S4 as High-Performance Electrochemical Supercapacitor Electrode
Huang, Guo-Heng (黃國恆) BL:TLS 01C1, TLS 01C2 PI:Tsan-Yao Chen (陳燦耀)
Formation of Heterogeneous Metal and Metal Oxide Nano-Contact Structure in CuNiPd Ternary Metallic Nanoparticles by Sub-Millisecond Laser Annealing
Huang, Shao-Chu (黃紹筑) BL:TLS 17C1, SP12B1, TPS 09A1 PI:Han-Yi Chen (陳翰儀)
A Mo-based Polyoxometalate as Anode Materials for Lithium–Ion Batteries
Huang, Wan-Chung (黃婉君) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 01C1, TPS 44A1 PI:Kuan-Wen Wang (王冠文)
The Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Performance of Bimetallic PtxPdy Nanoclusters
Huang, Wei-Hsiang (黃偉翔) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1 PI:Wei-Nien Su (蘇威年)
Structure Evolution and High Photocatalytic Activity of Au Nanoparticles Decorated on TiO2 Anatase Sea-Urchin-Like Microspheres for High Activity Photocatalytic Degradation
Huang, Wen-Tse (黃文澤) BL:TLS 01C2, TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1 PI:Ru-Shi Liu (劉如熹)
Near-Infrared Mini Light-Emitting Diodes: From Synthesis to Biomedical Applications
Huang, Yu-Cheng (黃裕呈) BL:TPS 44A1, TLS 11A1, TLS 20A1 PI:Chung-Li Dong (董崇禮)
In-Situ/Operando X-ray Spectroscopic Study of Cobalt Oxide Electrocatalysts During Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Hung, Cheng-Yao (洪晟耀) BL:TLS 07A1, TLS 17C1 PI:Sheng-Diann Lin (林昇佃)
Preparation of Titanium Mixed Oxide Supported Pt Ru Catalysts for Hydrogen Electrochemical Oxidation Reaction of CO/H2
Hung, Sung-Fu (洪崧富) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1 PI:Sung-Fu Hung (洪崧富)
In-situ Investigation of Chemical/Physical Dispersion of Metal Complex on Copper Surface during Carbon Dioxide Reduction Reaction
Hussain, Abrar (胡安) BL:TLS 17C1 PI:Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Preparation and Characterization of Ni/Al2O3 Catalyst for Carbon Nanofibers by Conversion of Carbon Dioxide
Jagabandhu, Patra BL:TLS 01C1, TLS 17A1 PI:Jeng-Kuei Chang (張仍奎)
Low-Corrosivity and Moisture Insensitive Ionic Liquid Electrolyte for Rechargeable Aluminium Batteries
Jena, Anirudha BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1, TPS 44A1 PI:Ru-Shi Liu (劉如熹)
Curtailing the Overpotential of Li–CO2 Batteries with Shape-Controlled Cu2O as Cathode: Effect of Illuminating the Cathode
Jiang, Shi-Kai (蔣仕凱) BL:TPS 25A1 PI:Bing-Joe Hwang (黃炳照)
Highly-Lithiophilic Film to Suppress Dendrite Formation on Cu Substrate in Anode-Free Lithium Metal Batteries
Kan, Wang Hay (簡宏希) BL:TLS 17A1, TPS 45A1 PI:Wang Hay Kan
Exploration of a Functional Perovskite Phase Diagram in Ba-Ca-Ta-O System
Kumaravelu, Thanigai Arul BL:TLS 17C1 PI:Chung-Li Dong (董崇禮)
Ferric Ions Substituted Calcium Phosphate for Superior Electrochemical Performance: An X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Investigation
Kuo, Hung-wei (郭鴻偉) BL:TLS 07A1, TLS 20A1, TPS 44A1 PI:Chi-Liang Chen (陳啓亮)
Study of Light-Induced Charge Transfer Effect in Organometal Halide Perovskite Photodetector by In Situ X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Lee, Jey-Jau (李之釗) BL:TLS 17A1 PI:Jey-Jau Lee (李之釗)
Non-Ambient X-ray Powder Diffraction Station for Materials at NSRRC BL17A1
Lee, Ting-An (李庭安) BL:TLS 17A1 PI:Lai, Chung K. (賴重光)
Rod-Like Mesogenic Boron Difluoride Complexes Derived from Schiff Bases
Lee, Yao-Chi (李堯琦) BL:TLS 01A1, TLS 14A1 PI:Yuh-Jing Chiou (邱郁菁)
Synthesis and Characterization of Pd Based Electro-Catalysts Adding with Second Metal for Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cells
Li, Tai-Yue (李泰岳) BL:Neutron, TLS 01C2 PI:Sheng Yun Wu (吳勝允)
Evidence for the Mystery of Concomitant Magnetic Nemory Effect in CrO 2 /Cr 2 O 3 Core-Shell Nanorods
Liao, Ching-Wen (廖慶文) BL:TPS 44A1, TLS 17C1, TLS 01C2 PI:Chun-Hong Kuo (郭俊宏)
Synthesis of Free-Standing Spinel FeCo2S4 Nanoplates toward Improvement of Electrocatalytic Oxygen Evolution from Water Splitting
Lim, Suh-Ciuan (林淑娟) BL:TLS 17A1, TPS 44A1, TLS 24A1 PI:Yan-Gu Lin (林彥谷)
Electrodeposited Cobalt-Based Nanocomposite as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting
Lin, Chia-Chi (林珈琪) BL:TLS 13A1, TLS 17A1, TLS 23A1 PI:Cheng-Liang Liu (劉振良)
Dithioalkyl Dithienothiophene (DSDTT) Based Small Molecule and its Blends for High Performance p-Type Organic Field Effect Transistors by Solution-Sheared Process
Lin, Chia-Ching (林佳慶) BL:TLS 17C1, TPS 44A1, SP12B1 PI:Han-Yi Chen (陳翰儀)
In Operando X ray Studies of High-Performance Lithium-Ion Storage in Keplerate-Type Polyoxometalate Anodes
Lin, Po-Shen (林柏伸) BL:TLS 13A1, TLS 17A1, TLS 23A1 PI:Cheng-Liang Liu (劉振良)
Poly(3-alkylthiothiophenes) (P3ATTs) Semiconductor for Organic Field Effect Transistors:The Effect of Alkylthio Side Chain on Their Properties
Lin, Tsun-I (林存翊) BL:TLS 01A1, TLS 14A1 PI:Yuh-Jing Chiou (邱郁菁)
Synthesis and Characteristics of PtCu/MWCNTs Electrocatalyst
Lin, Yu-Chang (林佑錩) BL:TLS 20A1, TLS 17C1, TLS 24A1 PI:Yan-Gu Lin (林彥谷)
Synergism of Buried Junction and Hot-Electron Injection Effects Accelerated Charge Separation in Cu2O Photocathode for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
Lin, Yung-Yang (林詠揚) BL:TPS 23A1 PI:林碧軒
Peculiar Defect Emissions of Time-Dependent XEOL from Sapphire Wafers
Lin, Yu-Ru (林玉茹) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1, TLS 24A1 PI:Yan-Gu Lin (林彥谷)
Bifunctional Iridium-Based Catalysts for Electrochemical Water-Splitting
Lo, Ying-Chih (羅英誌) BL:TLS 24A1 PI:Chia-Hsin Wang (王嘉興)
In-Situ Study of Trimetallic Catalysts Pd-Cu-Zn/SiC and Pd-Cu-Zn/TiO2 for CO2 Hydrogenation by Ambient Pressure X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Peng, Chun-Kuo (彭俊國) BL:TLS 17C1, TPS 44A1, TPS 09A1 PI:Yan-Gu Lin (林彥谷)
Robust Perovskites as Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Media
Rajendran, Veeramani (韋拉馬尼拉金德倫) BL:TLS 01C2, TLS 17C1 PI:Ru-Shi Liu (劉如熹)
Ultra-Broadband Near-Infrared Phosphors as Future Light Source for Spectroscopy Application
Septani, Cindy Mutiara (辛迪) BL:TLS 23A1, TPS 25A1 PI:Ya-Sen Sun (孫亞賢)
Hierarchically Porous Carbon Materials from Self-Assembled Block Copolymer/Dopamine Mixtures
Sun, Ya-Sen (孫亞賢) BL:TPS 23A1, TPS PI:Ya-Sen Sun (孫亞賢)
Direct Access to Bowl-Like Nanostructures with Block Copolymer Anisotropic Truncated Microspheres
Tesfaye, Getu Sitotaw BL:TPS 23A1 PI:Bi-Hsuan Lin (林碧軒)
Optical Properties and Dynamics of Luminescence of Zn-Doped CsPbBr3 including Stability Using PL and TR-PL
Tsai, Meng-Che (蔡孟哲) BL:SP12U1, TLS 24A1 PI:Bing-Joe Hwang (黃炳照)
Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide on Gold–Copper Bimetallic Nanoparticles: Effects of Surface Composition on Selectivity
Wei, Xuan-Hao (魏軒皓) BL:TLS 01C2, TLS 17C1, TLS 01C1 PI:Yi-Hsin Liu (劉沂欣)
Roles of Defects in Mesoporous 2D Semiconductors for Photocatalytic Applications
Wen, Fei (文斐) BL:TLS 17A1 PI:Chung K. Lai (賴重光)
Board-Like Mesogenic Bis(borondifluoride) Complexes Derived from Tetraketonates
Wong, Jhao-Yi (翁兆億) BL:TLS 17C1 PI:Bing-Joe Hwang (黃炳照)
Oxide-Decorated NiFe Layered Double Hydroxide as Enhanced Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction
Wu, Chih-Yao (吳志耀) BL:TLS 13A1, TLS 17A1, TLS 23A1 PI:Liu,Cheng-Liang(劉振良)
Solution-Processable Diketopyrrolopyrrole-Based Small Molecules for n-Type Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Wu, Guan-Yi (巫冠毅) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 01C1, TPS 23A1 PI:Chung-Li Dong (董崇禮)
Using X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy and Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy to Analyze the Ternary Nanostructured α-Fe2O3/Au/TiO2 Photoanode with Reconstructed Interface for Efficient Photoelectric Catalytic Water Splitting
Wu, Wei-Ni (吳維妮) BL:TLS 17A1, TLS 13A1, TLS 23A1 PI:Liu, Cheng-Liang (劉振良)
Stretchable Rod-Coil Block Copolymer Thin Films for Organic Transistor Applications via Metallo-Supramolecular Strategy
Xu, Li-Feng (徐利锋) BL:TLS 17A1 PI:Ning Li (李宁)
Unraveling the Direct Cause of Voltage Decay in Lithium-rich Oxides
Yang, Cheng-Chieh (楊程傑) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1, TPS 44A1 PI:Chung-Li Dong (董崇禮)
Study of Atomic and Electronic Structures of Cobalt Disulfide/Carbon Nanotube by X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Yang, Shou-Shiun (楊守勛) BL:TLS 01C2 PI:Tsan-Yao Chen (陳燦耀)
Carbon Dioxide Reduction Reaction Performance of Co-Cluster-Decorated CoOx@Pd Nanocatalysts by Thermal Reduction
Yeh, BuYu (葉卜毓) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1, TLS 17B1 PI:Yan-Gu Lin (林彥谷)
A X-ray Spectroscopy Study for the Investigation of the Mechanism of the Plasmon-Induced Photocatalytic Activity of Au Nanoparticle-Decorated Hollow Mesoporous TiO2
Yu, Chao-Wen (于兆雯) BL:TLS 01C1, TLS 17C1, TPS 44A1 PI:Chia-Min Yang (楊家銘)
The Promotional Effect of Zinc for Copper-Zinc Catalysts in Selective Propylene Oxidation by Dioxygen
Yu, Hung-Ling (游鴻霖) BL:TPS 44A1, TPS 23A1 PI:Heng-Liang-Wu (吳恆良)
Mechanistic Insight of NCM Cathode in Li Ion Battery

5. Life Science
The Presenter Title No.
Chen, Nai-Chi (陳乃齊) BL:TPS 05A1, TLS 15A1 PI:Chun-Jung Chen (陳俊榮)
Purification, Electron Microscope and Crystolliztion Analyses of the Insect Infecting Viruses
Chen, Yen-Chen (陳彥蓁) BL:TLS 13A1 PI:Chia-Ching Chang (張家靖)
A sensing probe development for detection of enterovirus 71
Chiang, Wesley-Tien (江冠賢) BL:TLS 13B1, TLS 15A1, TPS 05A1 PI:Nien-Jen Hu (胡念仁)
X-ray Crystallographic and Electron Microscopic Studies of the Potassium Channel KtrAB Complex in Bacillus Subtilis
Chiu, Yi-Chih (邱奕志) BL:TPS 05A1, TLS 15A1, TLS 13C1 PI:Chun-Hua Hsu (徐駿森)
Expanding the Substrate Specificity of Macro Domain toward 3”-Isomer of O-Acetyl-ADP-Ribose
Dehvari, Khalilalrahman BL:TLS 23A1, TPS 25A1, Neutron PI:Po-Da Hong (洪伯達)
Thermo-Responsive Gold Nanoparticles Platform for Amplification of Cellular Internalization and Photothermal Therapy
Hsu, Man Ting (徐曼庭) BL:TLS 15A1 PI:Wen-Ching Wang (王雯靜)
Structural Investigation of Cholesterol-α-glucosyltransferase from Helicobacter pylori
Huang, Pei-Yu (黃佩瑜) BL:TLS 14A1 PI:Yao-Chang Lee (李耀昌)
The Investigation of Glycan Alteration of UVA-Exposed Skin Cells Using Wax Physisorption Kinetics
Huang, Yu-Sung (黃昱菘) BL:TPS 05A1, TLS 15A1 PI:Yuh-Ju Sun (孫玉珠)
The Protonation and Deprotonation Along the Proton Translocation Pathway in Vigna Radiata H+-Translocating Pyrophosphatase by Molecular Dynamics
Kuo, Bai-Jiun (郭佰寯) BL:TLS 15A1, TLS 13B1 PI:Yu-Chih Lo (羅玉枝)
Structural Studies of the CBM Complex in NFκB Activation
Kuo, Chin-Wei (郭晉維) BL:TLS 14A1 PI:Yao-Chang Lee (李耀昌)
The Discovery of Calcification Infrared Absorption Spectrum on Aortic Vascular Inflammation Patients with Synchrotron-Based FTIR Microspectroscopy
Lai, Meng-Cheng (賴孟承) BL:TLS 13B1, TLS 13C1 PI:Shih-Ming Lin (林士鳴)
Structural Basis for the Teleost HSP60 Chaperonin Revealed the Ring-Association Mechanism
Lee, Hsiang-Chun (李香君) BL:TLS 14A1 PI:Hsiang-Chun Lee (李香君)
The Investigation of the Lipid Components in Serum of Metabolic Syndrome Patients by Using ATR-FTIR Spectral Analysis
Lin, Chien-Chih (林建志) BL:TLS 15A1, TPS 05A1 PI:Chun-Jung Chen (陳俊榮)
Purification, Crystallization and X-ray Preliminary Analysis of Zebrafish Cystatin B
Lin, En-Chi (林恩祺) BL:TLS 13B1, TLS 13C1 PI:Chin-Yuan Chang (張晉源)
Characterization of Enzymes Catalyzing the Formation of the Nonproteinogenic Amino Acid l-Dap in Capreomycin Biosynthesis
Lin, Jheng-Hao (林政豪) BL:TLS 13A1 PI:Ming-Tao Lee (李明道)
Effect of Sterols on the Interaction between Crystalline Proteins and Membranes
Lin, Meng-Hsuan (林孟萱) BL:TPS 05A1, TLS 15A1, TLS 13B1 PI:Chun-Hua Hsu (徐駿森)
Structural and Functional Elucidations of SARS-CoV-2 Macro Domain, a Potential Drug Target for Combating COVID-19
Lin, Pei-Hsuan (林佩璇) BL:TLS 13B1, TPS 05A1 PI:Nien-Jen Hu (胡念仁)
Crystallographic Studies and Cation Selectivity of Cation/Proton Antiporter CpaA
Lin, Pei-Ju (林沛儒) BL:TLS 15A1, TPS 05A1, TLS 13C1 PI:Chun-Jung Chen (陳俊榮)
Functional and Structural Study of the Apoptosis Associated Protein Betanodavirus B1 Which Modulate Cell Cycle G1/S Stage in Fish
Lin, Shang-Wei (林尚緯) BL:TLS 23A1 PI:Hsiao-Ching Yang (楊小青)
Probing Interactions between Metal Organic Frameworks and Freestanding Enzymes in a Hollow Structure
Lin, Tien-Chang (林典樟) BL:TPS 13A1 PI:U-Ser Jeng (鄭有舜)
Solution Structures of an Intrinsic Disordered Protein Studied by X-Ray Scattering and Molecular Structure Simulation
Liu, Tung-Chang (劉東璋) BL:TLS 13B1, TPS 05A1, TLS 13C1 PI:Yu-Yuan Hsiao (蕭育源)
Structural Insight into the Exonuclease Activity of Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Endonuclease 1 (Ape1) in DNA Processing
Ng, Kui-Hung (吳鉅鴻) BL:TLS 15A1 PI:Jai-Shin Liu (劉家欣)
Structure-Guided Mutagenesis for the Improvement of Substrate Specificity of Pseudomonas Putida Formaldehyde Dehydrogenase
Nugraha, Restu BL:TLS 13B1, TLS 13C1, TLS 15A1 PI:Wen-Ching Wang (王雯靜)
Crystal Structure of the Extracellular Metalloprotease Precursor from Bacillus Subtilis
Satange, Roshan Babarao BL:TPS 05A1, TLS 15A1, SP44XU PI:Hou, Ming-Hon (侯明宏)
Polymorphic G:G Mismatches Act as Hotspots for Inducing Right-Handed Z DNA by DNA Intercalation
Selvaraj, Rajesh Kumar (席代拉) BL:TLS 14A1, TLS 17C1 PI:Shingjiang Jessie Lue (呂幸江)
Graphene Oxide Treated Nasopharyngeal Cancer Cells for Photon Radiotheraphy and FTIR Mappig Using Synchrotron Radiation
Toh, Shu Ing (卓淑鶯) BL:TLS 13B1 PI:Chin-Yuan Chang (張晉源)
Biosynthetic Pathway of Benzoic Polyene acid (BPA): Characterization of the Enzymes Involved in BPA Biosynthesis
Tseng, Po-Chun (曾柏鈞) BL:TLS 14A1 PI:Dar-Bin Shieh (謝達斌)
Spatially Resolve Collagenase Resistance of Dentin with SR-FTIR
Wu, Zhe-Ting (吳哲霆) BL:TPS 05A1, TLS 15A1 PI:Yuh-Ju Sun (孫玉珠)
Structural and Functional Studies of ParB Protein from H. pylori (HpSpo0J) in Chromosome Segregation System, ParABS
Yen, Cheng-Yi (嚴承毅) BL:TLS 15A1, TPS 05A1 PI:Yuh-Ju Sun (孫玉珠)
Biological function and molecular structure of SegA, the chromosome segregation protein in archaea

6. Environmental and Earth Science
The Presenter Title No.
Aberdeen, Cerelia Danica (丁玉雅) BL:TLS 17C1 PI: Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Recycling Copper Nanoparticles from CuCl2-Containing Waste Etchants by Using Microemulsion for Printed Circuit Board Industry
Assakinah, Afifah (娜雅菲) BL:TLS 14A1, TLS 01B1, TPS 44A1 PI:Yu-Ting Liu (劉雨庭)
Arsenic Accumulation and Transformation in Thermoacidophilic Cyanidiales
Chang, Yin-Hsuan (張胤萱) BL:TLS 13A1 PI:Ming-Chung Wu (吳明忠)
Morphology Engineering of Low-Temperature Processed Electron Transport Layer for Pursuing High Performance Perovskite Photovoltaic
Chen, Wan-Yi (陳婉怡) BL:TLS 01B1, TPS 23A1 PI:Li-Hao Young (楊禮豪)
From 2-D to 3-D Morphology and Elemental Oxidation States of Individual Aerosols
Cho, Yen-Lin (卓宴琳) BL:TLS 14A1, TLS 01B1, TLS 17C1 PI:Yu-Ting Liu (劉雨庭)
Reduction and Transformation of Hexavalent Chromium by Thermoacidophilic Cyanidiales
Hsu, Liang-Ching (許良境) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 16A1 PI:Yu-Ting Liu (劉雨庭)
Preferential Phosphate Sorption and Al Substitution on Goethite
Ko, Yun (柯耘) BL:TLS 17C1 PI: Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Preparation and Characterization of Bimetallic nZVI-Based Catalysts for the Degradation of Nitrophenol
Li, Wen-Hui (李文惠) BL:TPS 44A1, TLS 16A1, TLS 17C1 PI:Yu-Ting Liu (劉雨庭)
Solution for the Phosphorus Crisis: A Release-Controlled Phosphorus Fertilizer Composed by Environmental-Responsive Hybrid LDHs
Than, Thi Nhu Anh (盧安安) BL:TLS 01B1 PI:Yao-Tung Lin (林耀東)
3D Internal Ultra-Nanostructures of Cellular Responses of Microorganisms-Materials Interaction during the Disinfection Process
Yang, Nien-Che (楊念哲) BL:TLS 17C1 PI:Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Preparation and Characterization of Biochar-Supported nZVI Nanocomposites from Rice Husks for Application on Nitrophenol Wastewater Degradation
Zhuo, Guan-Yu (卓冠妤) BL:TLS 16A1 PI:Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Preparation and Characterization of Modified TNTs on Wastewater Degradation

7. Nanofabrication and Industrial Research
The Presenter Title No.
Chang, Je-Wei (張哲瑋) BL:TLS 23A1 PI:U-Ser Jeng (鄭有舜)
Densely Packed UV-Visible Light Responsive Photocatalytic Pair in Hexagonally Arrayed Silicate Nanochannels for Hydrogen Production
Lin, Yi-Jan (林逸然) BL:TPS 09A1, SP12U1, TLS 20A1 PI:Yuan-Chieh Tseng (曾院介)
Impacts of Nitridation on Ferroelectric HfZrO2 Crystal Structures
Teng, Chih-Yu (鄧智宇) BL:TPS 23A1, TPS 25A1, TPS 09A1 PI:Yuan-Chieh Tseng (曾院介)
X-ray Probing Phase Homogeneity of Hafnium Oxide-Based Capacitor
Yeh, Min-Wei (葉旻維) BL:TLS 01A1 PI:Hong-Min Lin (林鴻明)
Photosynthesis Hybrid Bimetallic/MWCNTs Electrocatalysts for Direct Formic Acid Fuel Cells

8. Soft Matter
The Presenter Title No.
Carrera Espinoza, Maria Janina (尹珍妮) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 16A1 PI:Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Synthesis and Characterization of Biocompatible Magnetic Iron Oxide-Silica nanoparticles as Nanocarriers for the delivering of Doxorubicin against Liver Cancer
Chen, Kai (陳楷) BL:TPS 25A1, TLS 17A1 PI:Hsin-Lung Chen (陳信龍)
Self-Assembly Behavior of Sugar-Based High-χ Block Copolymers in the Complex Phase Window
Chen, Meng-Zhe (陳孟哲) BL:TLS 23A1, TPS 25A1 PI:Hsin-Lung Chen (陳信龍)
Existence of Frank-Kasper Sigma Phase in Conformationally Symmetric Block Copolymer/Homopolymer Blend
He, Ying-Feng (何穎豐) BL:TPS 25A1, TLS 23A1 PI:Hua,Chi-Chung (華繼中)
Molecular Design and Anti-Sagging Performance of Urea-Based Resin Solutions: A Multiscale Light/X-ray Structural Analysis
Hsu, Hsin-Tsung (許新宗) BL:TLS 15A1, TLS 23A1 PI:Jung-Yao Chen (陳蓉瑤)
Ultrafast Responsive Non-Volatile Flash Photomemory Via Spatially Addressable Perovskite/Block Copolymer Composite Film
Huang, Ssu-Ting (黃思婷) BL:TPS 25A1, TLS 23A1 PI:Hua, Chi-Chung (華繼中)
Multiscale Structural Features of Low-Methoxyl Pectin Solution and Calcium-Induced Gel
Huang, Yi Xuan (黃羿宣) BL:TPS 09A1 PI:Chang-Chia-Ching(張家靖)
Ni-DNA Nanowire Device Development and Characterization
Huang, Yu-Ting (黃鈺婷) BL:TLS 23A1 PI:Hsin-Lung Chen (陳信龍)
Stacking Faults of Close-Packed Lattices in Block Copolymer/Selective Solvent Mixture
Kunene, Sikhumbuzo Charles (席庫安) BL:TLS 17C1 PI:Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Magnetic Graphene Quantum Dots Nanovectors for Targeted Drug Delivery System
Lin, Shih-Ho (林世和) BL:TPS 25A1 PI:Shan-Hui Hsu (徐善慧)
Investigation on a Nanostructured Self-Healing Hydrogel During In Situ Gelling and Thermo-Responsive Processes by Coherent SAXS
Lin, You-Sheng (林祐生) BL:TLS 23A1 PI:Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Bio-Targeted Polymerized N-Doped Graphene Quantum Dots as an Accurate Tools for Neuroblastoma
Lin, Yu-Sheng (林育昇) BL:TLS 23A1 PI:U Ser Jeng (鄭有舜)
Revealing the Metal-Ligand Coordination Effects on the Structure Modifications for Balanced Tensile Modulus and Self-Healing of Polyurethane Films
Mdlovu, Ncobile Bagezile (碧利) BL:TLS 16A1, TLS 17C1 PI:Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Synthesis and Characterization of Super Magnetic Nanocomposites to Be Used as Doxorubicin Carrier for Liver Cancer Treatment
Mdlovu, Ndumiso Vukile (杜米) BL:TLS 16A1, TLS 17C1, TLS 23A1 PI:Kuen-Song Lin (林錕松)
Formulation and Characterization of Polymerized Magnetic SBA-15 Mesoporous Nanocarrier for Targeted Doxorubicin Delivery in Cancer Treatment
Ren, Bo-Han (任柏翰) BL:TLS 17A1, TLS 23A1, TPS 25A1 PI:Che-Yi Chu (朱哲毅)
Imrovement of the Structural Ordering in Block Copolymer/Homopolymer/Nanoparticle Nanocomposites
Shen, Yen-Chieh (沈彥杰) BL:TLS 23A1, TLS 17A1, TPS 25A1 PI:Che-Yi Chu (朱哲毅)
Unusual Crystallization Behavior of Diblock Copolymer/Homopolymer Ternary Blends Isothermally Crystallized Below the Typical Glassy Transition Temperature
Young, Chih-Mei (楊知玫) BL:TPS 25A1 PI:Chen, Hsin-Lung (陳信龍)
Dendrimer-Mediated Columnar Mesophase of Surfactant

9. Others
The Presenter Title No.
Chen, Jui-Kai (陳睿凱) BL:TLS 13A1 PI:Ming-Tao Lee (李明道)
TLS-13A Experimental Station for X-ray Scattering and Diffraction
Chin, Hsu-Hsuan (秦續軒) BL:TPS 21A1 PI:E-Wen Huang (黃爾文)
Temperature Dependencies of Structural and Magnetic Properties of (CoCrFeNi)1-XMnX High-Entropy Alloys
Deng, Ping-Yuan (鄧評元) BL:TPS 09A1 PI:Hsin-Jay Wu (吳欣潔)
Enhancing Figure of Merit in n-type PbTe : Defect Evolution Approaching Low Thermal Conductivity
Guan, Hong-Hsiang (管泓翔) BL:TLS 15A1, TPS 05A1, SP44XU PI:Chun-Jung Chen (陳俊榮)
Crystal Structure of the Porcine Circovirus 2 in Complex with Heparin-Derived Disaccharides
Hsiao, Po-Han (蕭博瀚) BL:TLS 01C2 PI:E-Wen Huang (黃爾文)
Study the Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Coaxial Electrospun P(VDF-TrFE)/P(VDF-TrFE-CTFE) Nanofibers
Hsu, Feng Hao (許峰豪) BL:TPS 44A1, TLS 01C1, TLS 01C2 PI:Kueih-Tzu Lu (盧桂子)
Investigation of Electrochemical Properties and Mechanism of NiWO4/CoMoO4 Nanoplates Applied as a Supercapacitor Electrode
Hsu, Pei-Kai (徐培凱) BL:TLS 17C1, TLS 20A1 PI:Shih-Yun Chen (陳詩芸)
Synthesis of Ferromagnetic Hollow Fe-Fe3O4 Spheres
Huang, Chao-Hui (黃朝暉) BL:TLS 08B1 PI:Angela Ciaravella
X-ray Photodesorption of Realistic Ice Mantle: Circumstellar Ice Analogue
Huang, Tzu-Lun (黃子倫) BL:TPS 05A1, TLS 13B1 PI:Kuo-Chiang Hsia (夏國強)
The Molecular Mechanism of Mozart1-Mediated γ-Tubulin Ring Complex Assembly and Cellular Targeting
Jen, I-Lun (任毅倫) BL:TPS 09A1 PI:Hsin-Jay Wu (吳欣潔)
Thermal Stability and Thermoelectric Performance of Single-Crystalline β-ZnxSb3
Jiang, Wei-Chi (姜瑋琪) BL:TLS 20A1, TLS 09A1, TLS 01C1 PI:Jau-Wern Chiou (邱昭文)
Investigate the Electronic and Atomic Structures of Y/Yb-doped TbMnO 3
Lam, Tu-Ngoc (林秀玉) BL:TLS 01B1 PI:E-Wen Huang (黃爾文)
Investigation of Bone Growth in Ti-6Al-4V Implants Fabricated by Additive Manufacturing
Lee, Andrew (李雁儒) BL:Neutron PI:E-Wen Huang (黃爾文)
Anisotropy Analysis of SLM Al-Si-10Mg by In-Situ Neutron Diffraction Investigation
Lee, Chih-Hao (李志浩) BL:Neutron PI:Chih-Hao Lee (李志浩)
Study the Dynamic of a Vanadium Doped LiFePO4 Lithium Ion Battery Using by Quasi-Elastic Neutron Scattering Technique
Lin, Zi-Jing (林子敬) BL:TPS 24A1 PI:Zi-Jing Lin (林子敬)
Correlative Soft-Xray Tomography and Cryo-Fluorescence Microscopy for Adherent Cells
Luo, Mao Yuan (羅茂源) BL:TPS 23A1 PI:E-Wen Huang (黃爾文)
Using In-situ Neutron Diffraction to Investigate Deformation Mechanism of CoCrFeMnNi High Entropy Alloy under Low Cycle Fatigue
Pichaimuthu, Karthika BL:TLS 01C1, TPS 44A1, TLS 24A1 PI:Ru-Shi Liu (劉如熹)
Boosting Solar Hydrogen Production of Molybdenum Tungsten Sulfide-Modified Si Micropyramids by Introducing Phosphate
Sie, Ni-En (謝妮恩) BL:TLS 08B1 PI:Angela Ciaravella
Observation and Photodesorption of Complex Organic Molecules from Soft X-ray Irradiated H2O:CO:NH3 Ice Mixtures
Su, Yi-Jr (蘇益志) BL: PI:Yi-Jr Su (蘇益志)
Design of a Plane Grating with Multilayer Coating for the Soft X-ray Tomography Beamline
Tsai, Yi-Fen (蔡挹芬) BL:TPS 09A1, TPS 21A1 PI:Hsin-Jay Wu (吳欣潔)
Microstructural Manipulation in GeTe Thermoelectric Material
Tu, Chun-I (杜春奕) BL:TLS 13B1 PI:Yu-Yuan Hsiao (蕭育源)
Structural and Functional Studies of Drosophila Melanogaster Snipper
Wu, Lai-Chin (吳來錦) BL: PI:Lai-Chin Wu (吳來錦)
Advanced Micro-Crystallography Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Beamline at TPS
Wu, Yu Hao (吳祐豪) BL:TPS 23A1 PI:Bi-Hsuan Lin (林碧軒)
Anomalous Emission of Non-Polar a-Plane MgZnO Epi-Films Studied by XEOL and Time-Resolved XEOL at TPS23A
Yen, Wan-Ting (顏婉婷) BL:TPS 09A1 PI:Hsin-Jay Wu (吳欣潔)
Developing N-Type Thermoelectric Materials with Ultrahigh Power Factor