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For environmental purpose, please bring your own reusable cups.

The meeting program is updated!

The list of Oral Presentation Competition has been released. Please go to “Poster/Oral Presentations” for the details.

Event poster

Poster Session

  • Eligibility
    • The General Poster Session is open to all users (with valid user cards).
    • The Best Popularity Awards are open to users who are students, research assistants or post-doctoral researchers.
    • The Oral Presentation Competition is open to users who are students, research assistants or post-doctoral researchers.
  • To sign up the “Best Popularity Awards” and the “Oral Presentation Competition,” the candidates must select one of the three categories: Biological Science, Materials Science, or Phys./Chem. Science.
  • How to sign up?
    • The General Poster Session: Please register online and submit a one-page English abstract (PDF file).
    • The Best Popularity Awards: Please register online, submit a one-page English abstract (PDF file), and select to become a candidate.
    • The Oral Presentation Competition: Please register online, submit a two-page English abstract (PDF file), and select to become a candidate.
    • Each eligible registrant can only select to become a candidate of either the Best Popularity Awards or the Oral Presentation Competition.
  • Deadline: September 20, 2020
  • Evaluation Criteria
    • The Best Popularity Awards: A 1~3-slide presentation file (in English) saved in PDF format must be submitted to 1 week before the meeting. On November 10th, the award candidates will be required to make a 1~3-minute flash presentation during the poster session (presentation location to be announced). The winners will be decided based on the popular vote, which will be conducted online and close at 14:00 on November 11th. Every attendee has one vote, but users who are eligible principal investigators (PI) are allowed to cast two votes for the same poster or two different posters.
    • The Oral Presentation Competition:
      • In the first round, the review panel will select candidates to enter the second round of the competition based on the abstracts they submitted. Candidates who enter the second round must email their presentation files (in English) to no later than November 6th. The oral presentations will take place on the afternoon of November 10th, 10 minutes each. Their overall performance will be evaluated in two areas: poster 30% and oral presentation 70%.
      • Those who did not enter the second round will automatically become candidates of the Best Popularity Awards.
  • Poster size: 90 cm (width) × 120 cm (height).
  • All posters must be set up before 10:30 on November 10th.
  • All posters must be removed between 14:00 and 15:30 on November 11th. Posters remaining on the boards after 15:30 will be disposed of.
  • Awards will be presented at the banquet on November 11th.
  • These guidelines are comprehensive but not exhaustive; we reserve the right, at our discretion, to update, change, modify, add, or remove these terms and conditions at any time.
  • For inquiry, please contact the User Administration & Promotion Office via email: or TEL: 03-5780281 (ext. 8215, 8206, 8208, or 8205).