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For environmental purpose, please bring your own reusable cups.

The meeting program is updated!

The list of Oral Presentation Competition has been released. Please go to “Poster/Oral Presentations” for the details.

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  • From Hsinchu City


Fares are charged according to the taximeter and mostly in cash. A receipt can be issued upon request. A taxi can be called to pick up customers at a desired location. You may contact the following licensed taxi companies: Di-Yi Radio Taxi at 03-551-6000, Jin-Li Radio Taxi at 03-522-1111, Hong-Shuai Radio Taxi at 03-571-3333, or others.

*NTHU-NSRRC Shuttle Bus

The Shuttle Bus runs between National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) and NSRRC Monday through Friday, except holidays.

City Bus

Free Bus #81 is the only city bus that stops at NSRRC.


You may take Bus #1, #2 or #31 to NTHU, and then walk into the campus to take the*NTHU-NSRRC Shuttle Bus to NSRRC.

Science Park Free Shuttle Bus

The *Red-line Bus stops at NSRRC and only runs Monday through Friday, except holidays.